Sanatorium “Victory” – the only among the sanatoriums CMS offers a comprehensive examination and treatment of diseases in the following departments:

  • digestive organs;
  • endocrinology (diabetes, obesity);
  • urology;
  • gynecology, including pediatric gynecology;
  • pulmanologii:
  • ENT diseases;
  • dermatology;
  • nerve disease.

Treatments and procedures

Sanatorium “Victory” has the highest category among health resort establishments, licensed and certified for the provision of medical services to the population. Medical-diagnostic base of sanatorium represented by 23 medical and diagnostic offices equipped with modern domestic and foreign equipment. The resort is the only function in the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters (CMS) radioisotope laboratory, laboratory radioimmunoassay. Department of hyperbaric oksigenanii. Visit the resort for the treatment and book your reservations using ส่วนลด expedia บัตรเครดิต Citibank to get discounts. You can also get a kortingscode and shop online with discounts for the things you need on your travel.

On the basis of acts of sanatorium Regional Training Center of the Moscow Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Leading scientists of the Academy continuous training for nursing home professionals and advise the attending in the sanatorium “Victory”. All this has allowed the sanatorium “Victory” have the status of health and Clinical rehabilitation center and the base of the sanatorium for the entire resort.

Sanatorium “Victoria” is located in an ecologically clean area of the city, in close proximity to the Upper Park in an area of 12 hectares. Next to the medical-diagnostic building located 2 dormitories connected with the transition to the dining room, club, solarium, drink pump room, hydrotherapy pool, there are playgrounds.

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Sanatorium "Victoria" Essentuki

Sanatorium “Victoria” offers a year-round operation of the most diverse in the CMS and the only resort Essentuki range of medical services under permits, allowing to conduct a comprehensive examination and treatment of various diseases. The sanatorium is equipped with the most advanced domestic and foreign medical equipment. All studies are conducted as soon as possible by qualified personnel.

  • In the X-ray department conducted all kinds of X-ray diagnostics. Groizvoditsya study of the gastrointestinal tract to gastroflyuorografe.
  • Mammography – breast examination in women and infants in men, which allows to identify vospalitenye and neoplastic diseases.

  • The clinical and biochemical laboratories perform clinical biochemical research methods, making it possible to conduct a full examination of the body metabolism, including hormonal methods of research, diagnose blood diseases, the cause of infertility.
  • In the department of functional diagnostics will offer you electrocardiography, phonocardiography, reovasography limbs rheoencephalography, as well as such rare research methods kakehokardiografiyu (ultrasound of the heart), echoencephalography (cerebral ultrasound), with a peak flow meter Spirograph, electroencephalography.
  • The resort operates only in radioisotope laboratory, allowing a high degree of accuracy to diagnose thyroid disease, liver and gallbladder, to accurately determine the content of radionuclides in people exposed to radiation. Specialists with extensive experience perform gastrofibroroduodo-noskopiyu, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, and a highly informative ultrasound studies as liver, gall bladder, pancreatic, urogenital, female genital organs, thyroid and mammary glands.
  • Bacteriological research laboratory conducts natural body fluids (blood, bile, sputum, urine, feces, et al.) On the microflora.
  • Conducted conservative treatment of children and adults with diseases of the ear, nose and throat. There are different kinds of inhalations, nasal washing vacuum and the tonsils, outpatient surgery and kriolazeroterapiya, audiomedriya (hearing test), and a stroboscope.
  • It operates physiotherapy department, offering all the necessary treatment, doctors of various specialties. Urologist hold treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system drips.
  • Optometrist will give expert advice, will hold a selection of glasses, appropriate treatment.
  • Physician pulmonologist offer group lessons on technique Buteyko, medical and spa treatment in hospitals on the basis of sanatorium “Victoria”.
  • All the necessary research you get from an experienced allergist.
  • You will find a highly skilled expert beauticians who owns the diagnosis difficult, rare dermatoses. Here, serious illness – neurodermatitis. Authors suggest a range of beauty services. It applies treatment liquid nitrogen surface wrinkles, hair loss, removal of papillomas, warts and other lesions, carried epilation, ksantilazm removal, treatment of acne. The resort will help your skin to find fresh and healthy, and your confidence and myself.
  • You can also get advice cardiologist, surgeon, endocrinologist and other specialists.
  • Massazhi.Snyat pain in the joints and spine, improve circulation, help you to acquire vigor and overall non-contact massage performed by experienced therapists, underwater shower massage, swimming pool, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy.
  • The only region in radioimmunoassay laboratory conducts radioimmunoassay of hormones and other biologically active substances, that allows you to quickly and accurately determine the state of the endocrine system. This is important in various diseases (post-radiation syndrome, oncological diseases, infertility, post-infarction states, etc.).


The resort operates hospitals (double and single rooms with all facilities, fridge, TV), which allows to conduct a comprehensive examination and treatment of persons who arrived with an aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, andrology, urology, neurology, ENT-bodies and respiratory, diabetes et al., with possible subsequent transfer to the spa treatment. You don’t have to search for an agoda discount and book for a hotel since the resort has rooms for accommodation.


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