The sanatorium “Victoria” operates a year-round children’s health-improving camp accepts children with the following diseases:

  • Digestive organs,
  • The nervous system,
  • Musculoskeletal system,
  • Violations of posture,
  • Upper respiratory tract,
  • Kidney and urinary tract,
  • Chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases
  • Diseases of the endocrine system,
  • Nutritional and metabolic disorders.


The program of sanatorium rehabilitation includes :

  • Differentiated reception of mineral waters Essentuki №4 and Essentuki-new,
  • Climate,
  • Balneotherapy,
  • Carbonate-mineral, iodine-bromine, coniferous-pearl, contrast, aromatic baths and therapeutic showers, – natural mud silt mud lake Tambukansky,
  • Modern hardware physiotherapy,
  • Massage: classic and spot.



The only region in the CMS Center for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, lung, ear and all the children performed rehabilitation of upper respiratory tract. Treatment conservative methods avoids surgery. Young patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases assigned speleotherapy, diverse inhalation therapy, breathing exercises, massages.

Sanatorium “Victoria” is one of the few in Russia to host for the treatment of diabetic children (children with diabetes are taken with parents only). In the treatment of all children attend classes at the “School of diabetes”, as part of highly qualified professionals of different profiles allows you to get a noticeable positive effect in the treatment of cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Children receiving treatment in a sanatorium, note an improvement in general well-being, no relapse of the underlying disease, strengthen the immune system, master the skills of a healthy lifestyle. Morning hygienic and medical gymnastics, path, near hiking, swimming and sports games – these are the ingredients in the treatment and prevention of many diseases of childhood that determine the desired mode of motor activity. So much like a holiday on the Amsterdam city tour and Keukenhof gardens; the most favorite place for children of all ages considered; playground, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, a soccer field, swings, roundabouts, cross bar for lifting and strip for movement in his arms, running tracks, parallel bars, horizontal bars – that’s what all the campers kids. They love to do in your free time especially when they are given promo codes using go buy direct coupon to get discounts. All sports games and activities take place under the guidance of coach, trainer or exercise therapy educators and counselors.You can visit our center and our team of experts would be willing to provide more information about the treatment process and how does it work. If you are living far away from the center, you can try booking a hotel temporarily. You can search for Agoda and get agoda discount code.

DSOTS has a well-equipped and spacious gymnastics hall where held sports games and activities. Each new change in the children’s center is accompanied by theatrical opening rulers resort to raising the flag, the award standard of the each unit, each child in a solemn ceremony to tie a tie, the color of which is determined by the order named. Victoria Goddess dedicates commander of a knight of the Order of “Victoria”. No less solemnly passes and closing shifts, which summarizes the children’s stay in a sanatorium, determine the best squad, the most active children are given certificates and gifts, encouraged the winners of competitions, sports competitions, Olympiads. But the most memorable moment, of course, is a farewell bonfire. Smiles of joy, tears of parting with friends, singing and dancing, a gala concert – all this leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of children. Fun and rewarding began regular tours to the sights of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Museum Yaroshenko and Chaliapin, art exhibitions and performances of professional artists on stage and circus enriched horizons guys make their lives more colorful, awaken interest in the world of beauty.

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