Blame technological progress

The hypothesis of osteoporosis due to low physical activity was confirmed by observing the health of astronauts. Flight duration human space began in 1973, when three American astronauts spent 84 days in orbit. In 1977, Soviet cosmonauts have surpassed that record, having spent 99 days in orbit.

Flight Dates lengthened and soon reached 175 days. Examining the astronauts after landing, doctors inevitably found that in weightlessness (zero gravity), they lose bone tissue as a result of a process similar to osteoporosis. The rate of bone loss was at the individual astronauts, but the average was 1% per month. That is, it happened 10 times faster than in women with postmenopausal osteo-Porozov and 100 times faster than that of men during aging. One of the astronauts lost 13% of bone tissue for 175 days. The fastest way occurred the loss of calcium and collagen in the hip and calcaneus.

Experiments on mice and rats, launched into space for long periods, we have shown that weightlessness does not increase the rate of resorption (breakdown) of bone tissue by osteoclasts, but because it has almost ceased activities of osteoblasts. The activity of osteoblasts, as it turns out, is governed by the load on the supporting bone. These cells need gravity. In space it occurred and atrophy of muscle tissue, but it was less pronounced. After all, for muscle contraction and relaxation training-already, and the bones react only to gravity.

The nature and the evolutionary development of the human complex and provided a perfect skeleton, designed for upright movement over rough terrain, transport heavy loads and complex works with a variety of guns. Formation, musculoskeletal development and preservation requires continuous physical effort.

Experiments showed that the pelvic bones and spine are best trained and strengthened heavy lifting. Light exercises such as aerobics or yoga, as well as swimming in the pool, so popular in health clubs, do not have on the hip and the spine much influence.

By its physiological nature of osteoporosis – is not a disease but a reaction to the environmental conditions and the motor activity of man. The risk of osteoporosis as predictable as the risk of obesity. The man with the evolutionary development of those lost its useful devices, which he did not have to use in my life. Gone, for example, most of the hair, lost the sharpness of smell and hearing. In temperate climates, decreased production of melanin pigment that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. These are universal laws of biology.


The skeleton is very flexible, it adapts to the lifestyle. The human body requires a real physical work load on the bones and muscles. Meanwhile, all the trends of technical progress in the XX century, the majority of people deprived of physical effort, typical for him previously. Modern Westerners do not need to walk the walk – around the house waiting for his car with armchairs, reduces the load on the pelvis and spine. Elevators and escalators relieve people from the ups and downs. Wheelchair deprives children of freedom of movement, and their fathers – need to carry a child in her arms. Significant amount of time people spend watching television, sitting in a chair or on the couch. Overly soft beds have reduced the effect of gravity on the hips, thighs and shoulders. In the production of most of the operations are performed sitting and not standing. Economic development frees people from overcoming gravity.

Evolution knows examples where land mammals by going to the aquatic environment and getting rid of gravity, gradually lost support not only bones, but also the limbs. In whales, walruses, sea lions, seals and dolphins were only rudiments of the extremities and pelvis. At the same time they have increased the size of the body and even, judging by the dolphins, evolved intelligence.

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